Types of devices

WSC provides radio frequency devices to clients who are living with a cognitive impairment such as Dementia and Autism and who as a result may have a risk of going missing.

Radio frequency tracking devices are suitable for all ages and cognitive impairment conditions*  

The radio frequency device we supply (WandaTrak) has a battery which lasts for 6 months without charging and is showerproof.  This means that clients can wear it all the time ensuring that, should they go missing they are able to be found. 

How does it work?

When a person is missing you CALL 111 (Police) and state the person is wearing a WandaTrak Device, ask Police Communications to put you through to the on-call Police Search and Rescue Officer.  Provide them with the frequency number if you can. The Police will then immediately activate a search. Having the WandaTrak device to detect the missing person makes the search very efficient. 

*Some clients especially children and youth living with Autism cannot tolerate wearing a device. In many cases this can be overcome by the way we attach the device. 

We no longer provide GPS devices as these are a personal issue item which can be purchased at computer stores and similar. 

Radio frequency devices