About Us

WanderSearch Canterbury is run with a part time manager working alongside our small team of dedicated volunteers.

Our WANDERFUL Volunteers

  • Christine joined WanderSearch Canterbury Trust as a volunteer in 2019. Christine has extensive experience in the Disability Sector.
  • Fione also joined the Trust in 2019. Fione enjoys volunteer roles which are people centred. Fione has enjoyed a varied  career in many non-profit organisations. 
  • Stew joined Canterbury Trust as a volunteer in 2019. Stew has worked in many volunteer roles over the years including as Pastor of his church.
  • Teressa began volunteering for WanderSearch in the South Canterbury area in October 2020. Teressa had prior experience with the WanderSearch system over 10 years ago when it was introduced to Timaru after a missing person incident.  Teressa has a fulltime job working as a paramedic in Timaru so we are very fortunate to have Teressa’s skills on our team.
  • Dick, a retired GP, mountaineer and expert in High Altitude medicine joined WanderSearch in the South Canterbury area in late 2020. 
  • Mel, our most recent volunteer joined WanderSearch in January 2021. Mel together with her husband own a dairy farm and has a busy life on the farm and raising teenage children. Volunteering for WanderSearch suits Mel’s work schedule as she can fit it around her other commitments.