Our People

WanderSearch Canterbury is run with a part time manager (20 hours per week) working hand in hand with our small team of dedicated volunteers. The WanderSearch Canterbury Charitable Trust has a six member board of Trustees which includes representatives of the NZ  Police, Land Search & Rescue volunteers and a chartered accountant. All Trustees freely volunteer their time to WSCCT.

We also have a team volunteer responders who undertake searches when police resources are stretched.  These responders come from a pool of volunteers specially trained in using Wandersearch tracking equipment.

Linda Rutland –  Manager

Linda’s background is in community development, funding and volunteer management.   She enjoys meeting all the various people and agencies connected with WanderSearch particularly the families, care staff and users of the WanderSearch devices.

Linda is looking forward to increasing the knowledge in our communities about the advantages of the WanderSearch system and the help the Trust can provide to the relatives and caregivers of those living with a cognitive impairment and who are at risk of going missing.