Client References

21 May 2021

“We have used a WandaTrak device for Kevin for the past three and half years and found it very reassuring to have, it has provided great peace of mind. The device proved to be invaluable the two times Kevin went missing and needed to be found”.

Robyn Robinson, Oxford


WanderTrak (WanderSearch Canterbury)  is an excellent service which provides peace of mind for the carers and which I’m more than happy to recommend to others.

With my grateful thanks

Stephanie Abernethy


Many thanks.  I think more schools need to use these for their at risk children.  It’s an incredible facility and made me so much more at ease while we were transitioning XXX to school.

Alison Nimmo – Reading Recovery Teacher – Amuri Area School

Brian & Helen Bartrum

Jacki & Matthew Morris

Tinna & Dylan Dockerty